3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Wedding

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3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Wedding

Ideas to Make Your Wedding Shine



 Wedding at Crosley Estate in Sarasota, FL

From brightening your wedding with lights to choosing the right venue, theme, or décor, it can all work together to help create an unforgettable moment you will never forget.  Here are some ideas that we think will help your wedding shine.

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The Latest in Wedding Trends

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The Latest in Wedding Trends

Learn the Latest Buzz in Weddings


Picture: Kelly Kennedy Weddings at Rafter J Ranch Barn


Wedding trends come and go. Some styles become “classic” and never leave while other fads quickly disappear as soon as they start. We’ve done all the hard work for you and picked a few of our trendy favorites. Check them out and see if you might incorporate these into your upcoming wedding or event. 

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3 Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Florida

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Why You Should Have Your Wedding in the Sunshine State - Three Fabulous Reasons


The location of your wedding is really important. It helps set the tone for your wedding by bringing it all together from the dress to the flowers and color scheme. Here is some of the best of what we feel Florida has to off you and your special day.

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3 Minimalist Springtime Wedding Ideas

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We Love Minimalist Weddings!

Minimalist weddings! It's about keeping away unnecessary clutter that distracts from the true meaning of your wedding day. Take a moment to think about what will truly make you happy on your special day (as if you haven't already spent your whole life planning your wedding, right?!)

Photo Credit: Cat Pennenga Photography

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