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Selecting tablecloths for you upcoming event, party, fundraiser or wedding, might not seem that important in the beginning, but when you’re using a special theme or color, then you soon discover just how important it is to plan an amazing looking linen to match the rest of the décor. An occasion should be unified and coherent in every little and last detail. And, of course, you as the host or planner, you simply must do everything in your power to plan not only the best food, but also the best napkins, tablecloths and sashes.


At Linens by the Sea, we help our clients visualize their event or wedding linen look by assisting customers with their designs in person or online. If you live close by, then you are more than welcome to stop by our showroom located at 2006 72nd. Dr. E., Sarasota, FL 34243 near the intersection of Whitfield Ave. and Hwy. 301. First, we will give you a tour of our amazing 20,000 square foot warehouse to see how we hang our linens in protective plastic organized by size, style and color. Hanging our table cloth offerings means few wrinkles on your cloths. We will also show you the logistical processes of our laundry department, pressing machines, shipping sector and more throughout this informative visit. Once in our showroom, we are happy to layer cloths on tables so that you have the best idea of what your particular table can and will come across as to you and your attending guests. Feel free to bring a centerpiece that you will be using to refine the style even more. Our parent company, US Tent, will provide us with chairs, dishes, flatware and glassware to create the whole look for that total wow effect It’s so much fun!


If you don’t live in the nearby area of Sarasota, FL, then we are happy to create table looks for you and send you photos of these designs. We can send you swatches of your favorite fabric selections in the mail to make sure they look exactly as you imagine when you receive them. These swatches are perfect when used to match to your bridesmaid dresses or to have a detailed conversation with your florist on the colors you want the most. Don’t forget, you can always use our website,, to view all of our sizes, selections and colors.

This is a table set-up in our warehouse photographed for a customer this week.


As mentioned, linens are very important at events and can add more elegance and vibrancy to the entire affair, especially when they are chosen with care and attention to detail. The perfect guest table linens are those that add a touch of personality to the reception party. The décor must be cohesive and the way to obtain this effect is to use similar linens and covers for the table and possibly the chairs, too. Some wedding venues offer basic table linens so check with the location to see if they provide something you’d like to work with, add onto or change entirely. We think it is well worth this budget line item added to your entire budget considering the fact that your guests will be spending most of their time sitting at the table, eating and conversing with each other. This means that they will have plenty of time to analyze the linens and the decoration you have picked for the centerpieces.

We’ve discussed that linens are a fabulous way to adhere to a theme. Some linens even come in sports theme, stars, animal prints and more to add that extra zest to a function. Linens by the Sea can custom order almost any design, and in our own state of Florida, tropical patterns are a favorite themed look such as in the linen fabrics of: Aloha, Tropical Paradise and Tropical Palm (in three colors).

Tropical Palm:




Tropical Paradise:


The seasons of spring, summer, fall, winter, and the formality of an occasion should also be taken into consideration when making the linen choices. Your tablecloths can be solid, delicate, white/off-white, very colorful, highly textured or silky smooth. No matter your sense of taste, the style should definitely fit the fashion or design of the event.


There are many shapes and design you can follow for your tables. For instance, use very large cloths over a table to bunch and fluff it to give a more romantic feel. This can be done with a 132” round linen over a 60” round table.


If you don’t have a big budget to choose rich textured linens, choose something a bit more simple but add confetti or a few flower petals on top for an inexpensive alternative. Layered linens, one or our favorites, are terrific for dressing wedding tables. Use a basic color for the backdrop linen and then add a smaller layer of linen in the color of the wedding on top. You can even pin this top layer for a swagged impression that so many absolutely adore!


Truly, it’s all about the details that you incorporate, and linens are one of the easiest ways to do this. Right now, there are so many stylish and sophisticated trends appearing on Pinterest and other websites that can help to give you ways to reflect your own style.


These are a few of the latest trends:

  1. Traditional fabrics such as white, ivory, gold and pewter are in big demand! Consider adding accents of other colors in items such as napkins or chair sashes to bring the whole room together.
  2. Strong color combinations this year are black/white, gold/rose and ivory/silver
  3. Autumn colors expected to be making an impact this upcoming fall are chocolate bronze and copper, which continues to be a strong trend from last year. These are a beautiful alternation to the traditional wedding colors, and you can elect to incorporate them with contrasting hues such as chocolate table linens with Tiffany blue napkins.
  4. Layering fabrics starting with a neutral base tone like brown, white or even celadon green. Then adding sheer or solid overlays like a gold sequins mesh. Simply wow!
  5. Runners, runners and more runners! We love them! We know you will love them, too. They add that special something to any look.
  6. Complementary colors are hot! Select fabric colors that will suit the theme of your wedding but totally don’t worry if you can’t find the wedding linens that are an exact match to bridesmaid dresses or other décor. The tablecloths SHOULD be a complimentary color for your other event colors because you don’t want to overuse bold tones so that everything appears to matched and cold.

Have fun selecting your linens. We’re here to help you visualize your selections and to offer as much advise as you’d like. The perfect linens truly make any ol’ event an affair to remember!


Linens by the Sea was born out of passion, ingenuity and creative flair. Our goal is to turn important events into lifelong happy memories. We pride ourselves on attending to your individual needs, and every day we strive to make your special occasion simply unparalleled with our outstanding linens. Please Contact Us if you would like to start designing your upcoming festivity.

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