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Worst Case Scenario, Part 2

One of our favorite Linen Specialists at US Tent, Tina Smyth, is back with more survival tips from a book she received as a gift this winter called The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht. She is absolutely in love with it and wanted to share a few additional fun wedding facts from its humorous yet valuable information. This book's frank advice is totally perfect for all kinds of dangerous or new situations you might find yourself in one day, and it helps you to breeze right through them!

To learn more about Tina, click on this link: This California gal is truly one of the most delightful people to work with in planning your linen and rental needs for your next event.

Tina Smyth:


Worst-Case Scenario

All information is gathered from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht.


  1. Be patient. The groom will probably be back in a minute.
  2. Locate the best man. The best man should know the groom’s whereabouts at all times. If he does not, enlist his help in the search. If both the groom and the best man are missing, seek help from the ushers or the groom’s parents and siblings.
  3. Establish communication procedures. Equip all members of the search party with mobile phones. Exchange numbers and set up a phone tree. Alternatively, set up a conference call and stay on the line.
  4. Split up. You will cover more ground more quickly with multiple people searching independently.
  5. Check the bathroom. The groom may be adjusting his attire, mopping his brow, or dealing with a nervous stomach.
  6. Check the front and rear entrances of the building. The groom may be getting some air to calm his nerves.
  7. Check the water cooler. Look for vending machines and a water fountain. The groom may be having a glass of water to cool off.
  8. Check the parking lot. See if the car the groom arrived in is still there.
  9. Check nearby bars. Check the bus depot, train station, and airport.

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Be Aware: Do not approach guests and ask if they have seen the groom. This will be awkward, at best. After the groom has been missing for two hours, announce to guests that there has been a change in the scheduling.

How to Stall the Ceremony

  1. Keep music playing.
  2. Announce a short delay. The best man or maid of honor should deliver the message: “Sorry, we are running a little late. We will let you know when we are ready to begin”
  3. Serve food and alcohol. If the ceremony and reception are happening in the same place, instruct the caterer to pass cold hors d’oeuvres and glasses of champagne.
  4. Stay out of sight. The bride should not mingle with the guests while the hunt for the groom continues. With neither the bride nor the groom present, guest will not become as suspicious.
  5. Show photo albums/videos of the happy couple.
  6. Ask if anyone else wants to get married. A spontaneous wedding is a memorable opening act, and doesn’t increase the costs.

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Image from: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht.


  1. Remove her shoes. Do not expect the intoxicated bridesmaid to walk down the aisle wearing high heels.
  2. Have all the bridesmaids line up in pairs. Couple the intoxicated bridesmaid with another member of the wedding party who is strong enough to support her weight.
  3. Help her down the aisle. Position the intoxicated bridesmaid to the right of her partner. The partner should put her right arm around the bridesmaid’s waist, with her left hand firmly grasping the intoxicated bridesmaid’s left forearm so she can provide support and guide her down the aisle. The intoxicated bridesmaid should carry both of their bouquets in her left hand to hide the support.
  4. Ask the musicians to play the processional music at a slower tempo. The slower pace will help the intoxicated bridesmaid to keep her balance as she walks in time to the music.
  5. Position the intoxicated bridesmaid close to the door. Once she’s made it up to the alter, make sure that she is positioned at the end of the line close to the door for an easy escape. Bridesmaids on either side may need to support her once they’re at the front door, or she may need to be seated in the first row of seats, just in case.

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Image from: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht.


  1. Laugh it off. Smile, laugh, and keep things moving.
  2. Make a joke. If the protester persists, loudly exclaim, “Mom, it’s going to be all right,” or “I thought we were serving the liquor after the ceremony!”
  3. Turn the crowd against the protester. Say “This is the most important day of our lives, and we ask that you honor it with us.”
  4. Direct the best man to handle it. If the guest continues to object, the best man should approach her, tell her quietly that she is disrupting the ceremony, and escort her out or to a side room, giving her the attention she craves.
  5. Consider the objection in private. If the protester might have a legitimate objection (the groom is currently married to her), the best man should tell the bride, groom, and officiant, who should all discuss the matter before the ceremony continues.


Be Aware:

The consent of guests in not required for the marriage ceremony to be completed.

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All information is gathered from:

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht. Go out and buy your copy today! You never know when you might find it quite handy!

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