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Summer Wedding Love

program fans 1 APdesign

Gorgeous hand drawn and watercolored program fans from A&P Design Co. make a great option for keeping guests cool this summer!

Summer Wedding Love

Summer is right around the corner, officially starting on June 21st this 2015, and things are starting to heat up in Florida. So why be like the rest of the crowd and have your wedding in the cooler months? In the West Coast of Florida, when the skies are blue and the temperatures are just perfect, most weddings take place. This is most often in the fall and spring, normally the specific months of October, November, March, April and May, but you might want to consider having it in the middle of summer for this region as an alternative. Some might say this is when the sun is baking down on us and a thunderstorm is almost guaranteed to happen every late afternoon, but for those couples who decide to get married in July and August, they should be applauded for there are some exciting opportunities to take advantage of in these tropical summer months.

One major upside to a summer wedding is rates go down on practically everything in the Florida area from hotels and venues to limousines, food, flowers, wedding cakes, and even party rentals. As one of our experts, Steve Bruenner at our parent company, US Tent Rental, recently jokingly exclaimed, “Hey, if a bride and groom are brave enough to bear the elements, they should get a break!”

Another upside is that the days are longer in summer so that's a very good thing. More daylight time to enjoy your special day is truly fantastic because this equates to more time you get to spend with your special family and friends. As long as you have plenty of sunscreen and some water to drink throughout the course of the event, you’re good to go!

Summer weddings require some different preparation than weddings in the fall and spring such as food needs to be undercover so it stays fresh as well as wedding cakes so they don't melt in the heat. Many area planners and cake bakers alike recommend a small 10’x10’ tent to place the cake under. It can look absolutely beautiful in photos and offer an imaginative shade element. In general, tents are an excellent idea for summer weddings because it will stay about 10-15 degrees cooler under a tent for your guests and your food, plus you'll be protected against any possible rain showers that may be coming through the area that day. By nightfall, temperatures usually drop down for a very pleasant climate to enjoy while late night celebrating and dancing.

However, try not to get too creative and order a clear top tent for the summer months. Once again from Bruenner, “Yeah, they look really cool but bad idea. Essentially you have just put a giant magnifying glass over your well-dressed guests who will now begin to perspire like crazy. Always stay with a solid white tent, at least until mid September.” In other words, don’t make the tent act like a greenhouse.

A EK Event Design Wedding at the Crosley Musesum, Sarasota, Florida, seen making great use of draping, a clear top frame tent and hightops on a cool weather day.

In the northern and western states summer weddings are quite popular. These brides have been trapped in their homes by snow and cold all winter so once things start warming up and the flowers are blooming in the summer, then that's a fabulous time to tie the knot! Funny how things work, here in Florida we play all winter outside when the weather is beautiful and then stay inside in the summer while up North it's the complete opposite! This makes it really fun for you to think about geography when planning your special day.

Year's back, many Florida resorts used to close down for the summer months due to the fact that most of the snowbirds, people and mostly retirees who wish to avoid the snow and cold temps of winter from Northern states and Canada, head back north for the cooler summers because they don't wish to brave the heat in a southern state. However, now season is becoming year round with weddings and events held throughout the entire year. Some in the more southern Florida region say this is due in part to the BP oil spill drawing a different set of folks down to the area for the first time after the spill for summer family vacations when for one year they couldn’t enjoy their regular favorite beach locations in the Panhandle of the state. These vacationers fell in love with the white sandy beaches and clear aqua waters, and they continue to come back each year. Many have started planning weddings in the area during these same summer months. It’s truly been such a great experience for all!

A romatic beach bedding Ceremony by EK Event Design, photo credit: Naomi Chokr

With summer weddings on the rise, tents are being put up year round, where they used to just sit on the shelf and wait for the fall, caterers are prepping the food and staffing parties that never used to come in the summer months, flowers are being shipped in from all over the globe for the bride’s special day, and cakes are being made with more flair than ever. We love it that summer weddings are on the upswing and keeping things busy in the wedding industry. In fact, Linens by the Sea, has added all sorts of fun summer patterns to our line to make these weddings event more special like chevrons, nautical stripes and the Waves pattern.

blog pic-waveschevronstripes

Waves, Stripes, Chevron

Choosing a perfect wedding venue in the summer months is very important, and with the tropical storms that come through each day in the warmer weather, you may possibly want to book an indoor venue where you are definitely protected from the elements. For instance, a ballroom wedding is beautiful during the summer, and with air conditioning and a roof, your guests will be comfortable and dry throughout the night. If a tented outdoor wedding is something you've always dreamed of instead, then you may want to add flooring underneath and air conditioning with doors. Did you know that was possible? Yes, it definitely is and can be especially magical! Tents have come a long way over the years and can be transformed into a fairytale setting with ceiling treatment, chandeliers, climate control, dance floors and gorgeous linens. Your guests will be amazed! Beach weddings and outdoor ceremonies are very popular any time of the year, but you always want to make sure you have a backup plan just in case some weather doesn’t cooperate – hot or cold. Your planner or venue will be able to assist you with a terrific plan that can be smoothly converted to, if necessary.

US Tent pole tent with liner: Photo Credit: LIGA photography

It’s been a busy wedding season in Florida and we’re excited about the upcoming June, July and August months! Summer weddings are always a welcomed sight to see. For those brides and grooms who select a summer date for their wedding - let's do this! Bring it on!

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