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Transportation at Your Wedding

Our linens director, Anna Pohl, wrote parts of the following blog awhile ago for a local wedding magazine. We thought we’d share it with you to enjoy because this is a topic we are quite often asked about. Also, because even though it’s often not first on the to-do list, we simply don’t want you to forget about transportation and leave it to the last moment. In this manner you can get exactly what you truly want without the option you’d like all booked up. Right now in 2015 and looking into 2016, there are so many creative ideas out there! From yachts to vintage VW busses, trolleys to black stretch limousines, you can find just about anything to fit your budget and your personality. And don’t forget about your guests! At today’s weddings, many couples are hiring charter buses and similar modes of transportation to make sure guests are safe and not participating in drinking and driving, which is, of course, a well thought out idea to ensure tons of fun!A Volkswagon vintage van to transport the bridal party or wedding guests.

A Volkswagon vintage van to transport the bridal party and wedding guests.
Transportation on your wedding day is oh, so important. Truly, it’s quite interesting that many brides plan this part of their special day at the very last minute. If you fall into this category, hopefully the following hints will help you with your eleventh-hour desperations. Better yet, if you begin planning your transportation needs sooner rather than later, your options are limitless!
A classic car for transportation of the bride and groom.
A classic car for transportation of the bride and groom.
First, planning on moving from the ceremony to the reception is much more than tedious logistics, it’s the perfect time to make a thematic statement. In today’s market, there are horse and carriages, antique Rolls-Royces, traditional limousines, cutting-edge neon-lighted party HUVs and much, much more. For the more adventurous, transportation can mean hot-air balloons, helicopters or even exotic yachts. Don’t forget that your wedding transportation will be in a lot of the photographs! And speaking of photography, consider having your photographer ride along with you to capture some really cool shots…especially if you’re having champagne along the way!
A yacht transporting the groomsmen and groom to theA yacht transporting the groomsmen and groom to the ceremony location ceremony location

Always ask questions before finalizing your specific desires.

1) Who all needs to be transported? Just the bride and groom? The entire guest list? Only the parents/grandparents and wedding party?
2) Decide how long you need the limousine or other service. Do you need it the entire night? Only for drop-off and pick-up?
3) Do you need more than one vehicle for transportation? Do the guests need shuttle busses or trolleys while the bride and groom need an antique hot rod?
4) What is included in the price? Is gratuity separate? Are there any extras such as a bottle of bubbly as a part of the package?
5) Reliability is important. How old are the cars? What happens if the selected car is in the shop for repairs?
6) Always ask the maximum number of guests that can be carried in a large passenger vehicle or bus. You want to be sure to have enough in quantity or the right route schedule if two pick-ups are required to move all the attendees.
Walking as a form of transportation at a casual wedding.
Walking as a form of transportation at a casual wedding.
7) Timing is everything! How much time will it take to drive between point A and point B? How long will it take for travelers to load and unload these vehicles?
8) How can you contact the driver on the day of the wedding for any unforeseen reason? Pick a company that shares cell numbers of drivers with you.
9) Finally, what will the driver be wearing? Will this match your wedding theme?
The classic limousine or rolls – so romantic!
The classic limousine or rolls – so romantic!
Some last thoughts. If you elect to have all the wedding guests park themselves instead of using arranged transportation, be sure to consider the following: Are there enough parking spaces? Is the parking lot an easy walking distance to the reception or ceremony? Are there only parking lots where you must pay a fee? Depending on the answer, you might wish to hire a valet company. Keep in mind that approximately two attendants for every 100 guests is a good measure to make sure all flows smoothly.
Your special wedding transportation will make a HUGE impression and will directly determine the impact of your grand entrance or getaway. You want it to be as memorable as the event itself. Start thinking now about what will be the most fabulous fit for you! This will definitely guarantee a smooth ride!

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