3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Wedding

3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Wedding

Ideas to Make Your Wedding Shine



 Wedding at Crosley Estate in Sarasota, FL

From brightening your wedding with lights to choosing the right venue, theme, or décor, it can all work together to help create an unforgettable moment you will never forget.  Here are some ideas that we think will help your wedding shine.



To create the right mood for your wedding, start thinking about your lighting. Are you looking to dance under the stars or create a certain lighting effect? Choose lighting that fits the mood or feeling you are trying to create. Having your wedding outdoors? Think about using a tent to create a cozy space anywhere. Lighting inside the tent creates a beautiful effect that will provide an awesome backdrop to your wedding photos. 



NK Productions Wedding with Michael's on East at the Crosley Estate



Choose the Right Venue

Choosing the right venue is all about knowing what type of wedding you want to have. Are you looking for a more casual feel or a formal black tie affair? Try to make this decision early so as to make venue hunting that much easier.



Jennifer Matteo Wedding at Sunset Beach in Siesta Key




Décor ties your theme together and helps fill your wedding space. This is when the pretty flowers, table linens, chairs, and event space all come together. Don’t worry ... all the stress that may have come from making those difficult design decisions will come together to create a moment that you will never forget.





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