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Are you the trendy type? Do you like to know what's in, or better yet, what's out? Things have defintiely changed in the party industry over the years. Go grab a cup of coffee or tea and curl up for great read on what's new now!CADAZANTERRACECLEARCHIAVARI

What's new? While weddings and special events come and go each and every week, what's new and exciting is what separates a wonderful event from the mundane? How do we change things up year after year and day after day so that a particular wedding or party is not the same old thing as last year's event?

We're here to help guide you on what's the latest and greatest. It's truly amazing what's in right now and trending as new and fashionable to make your occasionsimply divine!

Linens - Obviously linen colors are either in or out! Just look at magazine colors lined up at a grocery store check out. You can totally see what colors are hot and what colors are not just by looking at these magazine covers in the fashion, interior design and wedding categories. About ten years back, brown was totally in! Every wedding was chocolate brown with ivory accents. Although brown is making a slight comeback yet again this fall season, blush, champagne, navy and latte are the reigning champs right now. Whites and ivories are always safe for any event, and it's always good to mix up some color choices, as well as fabrics, to keep things fresh.

Taffeta, satins, shimmer crease and lamour are popular fabric choices today with many colors to choose from along with a nicer textures than solid matte polyester. More and more people are investing in a tablecloth rentals to upgrade their wedding or other affair into something much more special than simply paper or plastic table coverings.

Often overlays are the key to mixing things up and keeping it gogeous! With so many overlays these days to choose from, whether it’s lace or bling, sequins or organza, and maybe even burlap, (yes I did say burlap) you can transform any table into a design that will amaze. For instance, by taking a standard white or ivory solid poly tablecloth underneath and adding a creative overlay on top, your tables will be the talk of the town.CIRCUSSARASOTAGALA

Chairs - Now that we've got our tables looking nice, what style chairs are we choosing for the party? Those of us in the industry often know that the rental industry started when funeral parlors in the early 1900's started renting out their funeral chairs when they were not in use. You didn't know that? Now you do. However, today’s chairs have come a long way from folding funeral parlor seats. They can be crystal clear acrylic, mahogany, natural wood, gold, silver, white, black, stressed farm wood, etc. There really are lot of choices to tie in the color and look you might be going for on your next event.

50x120NAVIJLMARINEFeasting tables or farm tables - These are quite popular right now. If only the head table in a wedding is done with the larger 4'x8' feasting tables and all the other guests are seated at round tables, mixing in even some more feasting tables along with these rounds it will give a nice "out of the box" look for any event.

Square tables mixed with round tables are also a good look, try turning the squares on a diamond so they are not so symmetrical and even more stylish.

Dance floors - Dance floors have come a long way baby! These beautiful event staples can be covered with an adhesive that not only reflects like a mirror, but also when colored lights are directed down onto them, they will change color during the event. For something a little less over the top, a white film can be added along with a monogram for the bride and groom. Cherry wood or oak wood is classic and perfectly fine for a more traditional wedding. Try turning the dance floor on a 45 degree angle in the room along with the tables, now that's something different and new! China patterns and charger plates can be rented and added to tables to give the perfect finishing touch. Whether it's a gold rimmed china pattern or a fancy silver charger to match a specific linen color or theme or even just a plain clean glass plate to keep everything simple, you will definitely find the exact look you are striving for.


So what's new? New is what you make it!

With all the color options and accessories available on the market today, there is something guaranteed to make a terrific event completely special. Let's not keep it so chocolate and vanilla; let's strive for something no one has dared to do! Or seen before! So come the Monday after your celebration and for many days to come, your guests will remember your event like no other. Have fun!

Linens by the Sea was born out of passion, ingenuity and creative flair. Our goal is to turn important events into lifelong happy memories. We pride ourselves on attending to your individual needs, and every day we strive to make your special occasion simply unparalleled with our outstanding linens. Please Contact Us if you would like to start designing your upcoming festivity.

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