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Why Should You Rent Your Linens?

Linens by the Sea – Stylish Linen Rentals from your Party Boutique

Once in a while we are asked: "why should we rent from you rather than buy our own linens?" That is a great question and we are going to answer it for you. But first, check out our latest rental linens at a party last week – wow!

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Today, we thought that the following would be helpful "real world" wedding/party/event information that we’d like to share with you, our loyal customers:

Lately, we have noticed a few websites popping up online selling linens for weddings and events. We think that there is a time and place for a client of ours to purchase linens, but honestly, do you really wish to own 100 napkins and 13 round table cloths after your party takes place? Not to mention that renting re-usable linens is the best way to be environmentally-conscious when hosting an event!

These are a few items you should probably consider when thinking about buying your own linens instead of renting:

1) The linens will be very, very dirty after all of the fun, and often these fabrics need professional-grade detergents like the kind we have in our warehouse to in fact get clean and without stains. Also, most of these polyester-based fabrics just can’t become wrinkle free without a professional roller press like the one we operate in our warehouse:

An iron that you have in your home usually won’t work even with a ton of spray starch. Sometimes a steamer does work well, but this process will take several hours per cloth. Do you honestly have the time to do this? If you rent from us, all you have to do is just have to place the dirty linens in our return duffel bag and simply return it to our warehouse! We do all of the dirty work and hard labor. We’d love to help you out!

2) What are you going to do with all of these leftover linens? We’ve had several clients beg us to buy their stuff because they’ve been trying to do so on Craigslist and other avenues for quite regularly over a year to get rid of the product. They are so sick of dealing with it! We have a HUGE warehouse with lots of room to grow, so we love our rentals being returned and going back to their organized location to wait for the next customer who needs them.

3) Check the return policy. We’ve heard more than one story about purchased linens not coming in the correct size or color. We had one bride this past Spring buy “blush” linens, but they turned out to be an orange/coral tone. There was nothing she could do about it, so we then helped her with a rental of her very favorite color of blush. We all ended up happy! As another story, a non-profit called us one day because the chair covers that they bought at a very low price turned out to be for tiny kid chairs, even though there was no mention of this on the website from which they were purchased! Again, we were delighted to assist this very worthy cause, and they ended up having the great event with very perfectly fitting chair covers that precisely matched their vision.

4) Finally, if you do really want to purchase a few linens from us, from time to time, we will be able to help you out. Also, every July we have an annual "Super Saturday Sale" where you are able to purchase our retired items at a discounted price. This is perfect for brides on a budget, fundraisers, holiday parties, and any creative idea that you can come up with.

Check out this pretty wedding where the planner used some of our "Super Saturday Sale" great buys:

Azalea Brown/Lime, Ltd. Ed.

Linens by the Sea was born out of passion, ingenuity and creative flair. Our goal is to turn important events into lifelong happy memories. We pride ourselves on attending to your individual needs, and every day we strive to make your special occasion simply unparalleled with our outstanding linens. Please Contact Us if you would like to start designing your upcoming festivity, no matter your location. We ship nationwide!

*Now serving Northeast Florida including: Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine Beach, Atlantic Beach, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Amelia Island, Mount Dora, Port Orange, Gainesville, & surrounding areas on Florida's Historic Coast.

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