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Frequently Asked Questions

Information about linen rentals and ordering.
When and how should I place my order?

We accept rental orders, by phone, email, fax or in person at our shop. We are open Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM EST and Saturday 9AM-Noon EST. We suggest placing your order at least 2 weeks in advance of the date of your event. This ensures we have enough time to assemble and ship your order through Fed Ex. We do our very best to accommodate any order, no matter when you place it, and will work with you on options if a product is not available in time for your affair. You will be responsible for expedited shipping on rush orders and additional shipping costs if Fed Ex, our shipping company, bills us at a higher rate than expected.

What if I need to make any changes to my order?

Feel free to make revisions and updates at any time. Simply contact us with your change requests. We suggest you try to complete all of your changes at least 2 weeks in advance of your ship date and please always review your updated event orders to make sure everything looks correct to you. Any change made to a reservation within five (5) business days of the shipping, pick-up, or delivery date will be charged a $55.00 service fee for expedited handling plus any additional shopping fees that might apply so that you receive your linens in a timely manner. Deposits will be forfeited for any reservation cancelled within 48 hours of the pick-up or delivery dates. In addition, if you do make a change after noon on the day before delivery or shipping, there is a $35 Change Fee added to your order for each time you contact us. Shipping fees may also be increased if this causes us to miss a normally scheduled pick-up deadline.  

How long will it take for my rental order to ship?

Linens by the Sea ships to all states within the continental United States. Depending on where you would like our linens shipped, the transit time varies. Please look at the map below to assist you with approximate transit times from our location in Florida.

And returns are very easy! We send the linens to you with a pre-labeled duffel bag to ship back to us filled with your used linens. Either call FedEx to schedule a pick-up at 1-800-Go-FedEx or drop them off at one of FedEx Office’s many convenient locations. Often we can schedule the pick-up date in advance for you if you require this service. Simply let us know at the time you place the order. For receipt of our linens, it is the client’s responsibility to let us know when you would like the linens to arrive. Linens by the Sea is not responsible for any shipping errors made by any shipping company.

What are your shipping fees?

Orders $0 – $200.00 – Shipping Fee:  $55
Orders $201.00 – $400.00 – Shipping Fee: $65
Orders $401.00 – $600.00 – Shipping Fees:  $75
Orders $601.00 – $800.00 – Shipping Fees:  $95
Orders $801.00 – HIGHER – Shipping Fees to be determined based on quote

Please make sure your “ship to” address can accept deliveries. We are not responsible for any delays or mishandling caused by the shipping company or for any natural causes that might prevent the timely arrival of shipments. Please allow for extra cushion transit days during busy holiday seasons. Any orders that you rent for longer than one week will result in additional rental fees.

How do I pack the duffel bag and return the rented linens?

The pre-labeled duffel bag used to ship your used linens back to us should be packed in the following manner.  Make sure all linens are dry and free of any debris, especially food particles by shaking them in an outside space. Multiple orders can be returned in the same duffel bags. About 15 (fifteen) linens can fit into each duffel bag. Be sure to let us know if this occurs for proper inventory inspection upon receipt. If the return label appears to be missing, call us at 800-588-8235, and we’ll be able to help you.

Do you offer swatches or samples of your linens?

We do offer swatches of most of our linen fabrics. Actual product samples are available for certain items subject to availability. While we do not charge for the normal rental cost of samples, we do recover our shipping expenses by applying our standard shipping charges to all sample orders. Samples are available for single day use only and must be returned on the scheduled return date. Late fees and replacement charges will apply to samples not returned. In addition, we also offer swatch books for sale. Contact us for details. While every attempt is made to standardize color shades, it is logistically impossible to guarantee identical color matches due to various dye lot changes from the cloth manufacturers.

Do your chair covers fit most banquet chairs?

Our chair covers are made proportionate so as to fit on most standard/basic banquet chair styles. If you still aren’t sure if our covers will fit your chair type, please contact us for more details or request a sample. Please also see our Linen Size Chart for measurements of Basic Banquet Chairs.

What are rental prices for your linens?

Pricing varies by color and style. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your needs. Please contact us for pricing details by phone, email, fax or via our Contact Us form on this website. Tax applies to all orders shipped to a Florida address unless you provide us with a tax exempt certificate or Florida resale tax certificate.

What is your payment policy?

Linens by the Sea accepts payment by all major credit cards, cash and check. However, a valid credit card must be on file with us for any possible incidental charges. A 50% deposit is required on all linen quotes to confirm an order. The remaining balance is due 10 days prior to your delivery date and there is no minimum order required. If paying by check, the remaining balance due must be paid and the check must clear 10 days prior to your event date. You are responsible for the rental fees on all items shipped. There are no deductions on any items that end up not being used by you at your event. Adjustments resulting from an increase in shipping charges, etc. will be charged at that time or after the event date. For custom orders, all orders are final and there are no refunds given due to specialty production costs incurred by Linens by the Sea. Late fees and replacement charges will apply to product not returned, damaged product or any product returned after the return date listed on the order. 

What happens if I cancel my event or change my event date?

Any reservations cancelled less than one week prior to the delivery date will be charged a 50% restocking fee. If an item has already been shipped to arrive in time for the delivery date, client will be responsible for the entire payment in FULL. For custom orders cancellation made at any time, the client is still responsible for the entire payment in FULL.

What happens if the linen has been lost or damaged?

Linens by the Sea counts, inspects and inventories all linens before they go out of our warehouse and when they are returned. You will be charged full retail cost for all missing items including duffel bags or stage/skirting clips or items returned in a damaged condition. Damaged linens must be returned to us and do not become your property after payment for the replacement has been made. Charges for loss of all damage to linens are in addition to the original rental charge. Solid poly linens and spandex tablecloths do have a damage waiver policy applied to them. Please see our Linen Policies and Conditions for further details.

Can you make custom linens?

Yes, we are happy to assist you with custom linen rental requests. Custom orders require a non-refundable 50% deposit before the order will be processed. Custom orders may not be changed after processing has begun. Additions may be placed as separate orders and will also require a 50% deposit before processing. All custom orders are final, and there are no refunds given due to specialty production costs incurred by Linens by the Sea.  Additionally, we can’t guarantee the availability of fabrics, trim or any other materials on a custom order.  

What does Limited Edition mean?

The term “Limited Edition” or “Ltd. Ed.” refers to specialty products or custom linens with a finite number of items available for rent. There is no guarantee that the quantities in stock at the time of the quote or order will be available at the time of the event. Please contact us for the most current items and correct inventory counts, as this changes frequently.  

What other fun facts should I know?

 Enjoy watching our video below.  This section periodically changes so stay tuned for more tips and ideas.  

What is your refund policy?

Order errors are defined as damaged, incorrect, or missing merchandise. Please review your order immediately after it’s received so that if any order errors are found, they can be brought to our attention quickly and resolved for you. Order errors must be brought to our attention within one business day after the delivery has been completed. Failure to do so will be interpreted as negligence, and you will hold us harmless on any orders/issues that you do not make us aware of immediately.

All re-shipments for order errors that we determine will require replacements can only be sent via ground shipping, regardless of the situation/cause. A faster shipping method will be paid for by the client.

You will be issued the refund upon our receipt of the items rented. Please return them in the return pre-labeled duffel bags that we have provided you.

All returned items that are not in original packaging will not receive a refund.

We do not charge a restocking fee.

Remember to include your order number along with your return.

Our return address is: 7600 Matoaka Road, Sarasota, FL  34243

What if I have another question?

Please contact us at 800-588-8235 or We’ll be delighted to answer any other questions you might have! We are open Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM EST and Saturday 9AM-Noon EST. Always call the office number if you are having any sort of emergency and leave a message. We will get back to you right away.

Thank you for your business!

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