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Wedding Season is here!

Wedding season is here! Or is it? When exactly is wedding season? Well if you’re living up north in colder climates typically wedding season starts in April and runs through October and once November hits, it's a little cold to have your guests outside. If you’re having your wedding in the South, say Florida, wedding season is typically from October to May, once June comes it gets a little too hot out there for the guests. Plus the rainy season starts, and you can almost guarantee a rain shower every day from June through August.


I guess if you’re having your wedding at a hotel or banquet room you could really plan it for any month of the year, but it seems most couples flock to the months that the trees are green and the birds are singing instead of trudging through three feet of snow to get from the church to the reception. Who wants that? Beach ceremonies are wonderful, there's nothing better than standing with your toes in the sand and having the sun setting behind you as you say your vows - you just don't want to do it when it's 98 degrees in August in the middle of hurricane season.


Some wedding venues, if not most, will offer discounted rates for wedding packages in the "off months" or slower months. Florists, rental companies, wedding planners and limousine companies will also reduce pricing if you’re willing to have your special day on a day that most other brides and grooms wouldn't typically pick. Hey, if you’re brave enough to have your wedding outside in November in New York or in August in Florida, you deserve a break!


Mid-week or weekday weddings are common these days. Check around to see if the weekday rates are less than the weekend. I think you'll be surprised to see a major price reduction for a weekday rental. There's nothing wrong with having your guests check in early and get settled, enjoy the weekend and have the wedding on a Monday, and then it's off to your honeymoon! Plus you'll have money to spare by having your wedding during the week.


Wine vineyards and farms are becoming more and more popular for weddings with long feasting tables lining an orchard or a vineyard with beautiful fruit trees or grape vines surrounding the area as a backdrop, your guests can actually enjoy the fresh vegetables right from the farm or enjoy the wine made from the grapes growing from the ground around them. How cool is that?


New Year's Eve is a great time to have your wedding. So many people are looking for a unique place and way to celebrate. Why not have them celebrate not only your commitment to marriage but ring in the New Year as well? It will be a night to remember. Years ago no one even thought about having a wedding on New Year's Eve ,but today more and more weddings are planned on that last day of the year.


Silver is not only a popular wedding color but also fits the theme if your wedding is on New Year’s Add some sequin overlays, crystal chandeliers and you have the makings of the best wedding ever. Today brides are fighting over all the cute calendar dates like 9/10/11 or 10/11/12 or 12/13/14 - you get the idea, I wonder if they’re worried that they are going to forget their anniversary date so they pick those dates? Not sure on that one, but 12/13/14 is coming up really soon, and I’m absolutely sure it will be a popular wedding date.


Tented weddings are fun; they can add shade from the sun and protection from the rain giving you peace of mind for your special day. With all the tenting options offered, one can have a custom look with decor and fabric along with terrific lighting and gobos shining up in the ceiling. Your guests won't even realize they're under a tent. In fact, tents have come a long way over the years with options like structure clear span tents or high peak pole tents or even clear ceiling tents along with air conditioning or heat. They can support a wedding almost any time of the year.



So when is wedding season? Honestly, I guess wedding season is actually year round these days. As long as people still commit to marriage, there will be weddings, and as long as there are days in a year, it will be wedding season. Best of luck on your special day, whichever day that is, and whether it's in January or December, don't forget it's always wedding season!

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