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Fun Favors For Any Festivity!

Fun favors for any festivity!

For any affair, party gifts are always quite the hit. We hope you get some groovy ideas from the following great list.


Favor: Starfish ornament in an organza bag set on our own Turquoise Chopin linen.

Be green!

Being environmentally aware is not only good for planet Earth, but also it’s super important to your guests.

Think plantable flower confetti like from Beau-Coup,


Live plants are always eco-friendly like herbs in small terra cotta pots or bulb flowers like tulips.

We love this lucky bamboo favor found at Cool Party Favors, You select from a ton of different colors for the vases to match any theme.


Another great idea…’s all about the music!

The tried and true favor of CD keepsake of all your favorite songs played at the special occasion is an excellent way for guests to enjoy all the memories after the celebration takes place.

Everyone loves something sweet!

Who can resist chocolate? Specialty chocolates have been and always will be a fan favorite!

114a Sirard’s Chocolate – a Sarasota landmark of chocolate delights

A cool idea is to have a true parting gift with an ice cream or other food truck waiting for guests as they leave the festivities.

The Purple Cow food truck in Sarasota,, is especially amazing, particularly in the hot and humid summers of Florida. Who doesn’t love to each ice cream in the car? It’s a fantastic way to end a fabulous affair!


Party favors that are different at every other place setting at a dinner table. How many times have you been to a wedding and gotten two favors of the same thing when you really didn’t even want one to begin with? Lately we’ve been seeing several cool combos like:

  1. Small maple syrup at one seat and a mini paper bag of gourmet pancake mix at the next.
  2. A wine bottle opener at one seat and a wine bottle stopper at the next.
  3. A mini jar of a Cajun spices at one seat and then a small bag of gourmet cornmeal hush puppy mix at the next like this from Palmetto Farms,


And what about….no favors at all?!?!?!?

One of the kindest favors ever is a giving a donation to your favorite charity in honor of your guests as opposed to disposable party favors. This is such a meaningful gesture that your guests will be talking about it for years to come. Some popular charities for this have been animal shelters, cancer research foundations in memory of a loved one, and local food banks. This is especially popular to do at weddings when often guests travel long distances and don’t want to stuff anything else in their suitcases for the flight home.


This can be seen at:

Think Local:

Send guests off with pride in your surroundings. As often seen in the fashionable farm to table movement, thinking local has never been cooler. Consider as a party favor a regional food specialty such as cactus jam from Arizona, hot sauce from California or Vermont cheddar cheese. Here is Florida, we have sunny oranges and mini key lime pies.


As seen in:

It’s cool to use vintage style postcards tied to a favor of the location where the party is being put on. Of course, add a cutesy thank you in the letter part of the card. I also love menus that are tied to small gifts like miniature whisks or tied with a small dried flower bouquet.

Using favors for double-duty:

The most common way of making favors double duty is by combining your favors and your escort cards as one in the same. We’ve seen star fish, mini champagne bottles, lollipops and more tied to a card with each guest's name and table number placed on an escort card table. A great wedding example at a recent beach ceremony was using sunglasses and rattan fans on each ceremony seat for the guests to better enjoy the wedding and to keep as their memento from the big day.


Sand dollar favors also used as place cards for a nautical event.

DIY Favors:

There is nothing more charming and meaningful than Do It Yourself (DIY) favors. A hot cocoa mix in a mason jar tied with a bow is our personal favorite! They are simply splendid at holiday parties or any winter’s night event.


We like this one from Martha Stewart Weddings and the rest of her list of 50 wedding favor ideas that are do it yourself fun. The paper cones can be filled with whatever goodie you desire such as mints or nuts.


Whatever you elect to do for your party favors, be creative and have fun! We’d love to hear from you about your ideas.


Above: Carmel Apple Favors at a Western Themed Party

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