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How We Enjoy the Off Season in Florida

One of our favorite Linens by the Sea linen specialists at US Tent (our parent company), Tina Smyth, who enjoys the outdoors and the waterways, wrote the following blog about how we at Linens by the Sea & US Tent get geared back up for the Florida season. We just added in a few additional comments regarding Tina's expertise in parentheses throughout the piece so that you can get to know her a little better. Tina knows all about how to enjoy the summer by swimming, fishing and enjoying the sun as well as how important it is for us to be ready for all of your upcoming events!

About this time every year, is when our “season of events” in Florida starts to slow a bit. Therefore, it’s also a great time of the year for us to recap and get ready for the next year's season to start aga" Now in linens, on the other hand, we're busy year round helping you all throughout the nation with your beautiful summer weddings, festivals and events.

Since most of the Florida events are fall through spring, everyone is taking vacation around our office and relaxing with family and friends. We at US Tent Rental and Linens by the Sea stay busy by learning and researching the newest trends that are getting ready to hit the market (There are so many exciting things to tell you about in upcoming blogs! We can't wait!), attending networking events and visiting clients. We update all our linen and equipment catalogs, clean up all rental accessories, tents, china, glassware and flatware and my personal favorite INVENTORY THE WHOLE WAREHOUSE. We are so excited to show off all of our hard work.

beach volleyball picture

Right now we are pretty lucky on the West Coast of Florida with lots of recent events. For instance, our Tampa Bay Lighting hockey team, kept the town hopping these past couple of months with the Stanley Cup Playoffs. These brought lots of events, tents and parties to the area. The City of St. Petersburg hosted the FIVB Volleyball World League June 15th to the 22nd, and we had a major part in helping to build their volleyball village. There was so much action to see, and it was covered on ESPN!


The Linens by the Sea crew is organizing, sorting and welcoming new items to get ready for our upcoming events. Summer months are a great time for the latest fabrics to be added and showcased for upcoming affairs! There's always an exciting buzz when new colors and fabrics hit the inventory! We all love it!

We had our Annual 50% Off Linen Sale the week of July 13th to the 17th and also had our Super Saturday Sale held at our offices on July 18th. Both sales were a huge success, and we are thankful to our clients for helping spread the word. Follow us on Facebook for next year's dates! At the Super Saturday Sale, we were able to sell items that weren’t normal industry standards in size or maybe the colors. We always strive to be ahead of the curve and to provide the best quality product in the area, so this is a great way for your to enjoy what we've discarded. We had some clever planners, venue owners and more clients come in to get items to use for holiday décor and buffet stations. Some, using a bit of Pinterest inspiration, decided to turn our linens into tree skirts and use our runners for holiday village sets.

Linen table on Super Saturday Sale

Summer is great time for our team to play with new and colorful fabrics that we have gotten in over the past few months. For example, seen below is one of our Hawaiian patterns, Aloha, over a crinkle linen called Moss. It is paired with a mahogany chiavari chair that includes a red satin chair pad cover and red square chargers. As you can see, we like to play around with various looks to see what are interesting underlay and napkin pairings for particular fabric patterns. Additionally shown below is our Tropical Paradise linen over a purple satin cloth. Wow! Who would have thought purple would look so terrific with this cloth, and we think it pairs perfecly!

tropical with satinpurpletropical with willow

Introducing clients to fabrics we've had in inventory but with a twist is always a fun task! We bring out some of our traditional patterns and give them a fresh look. (Below is one of Tina’s favorites, khaki poly tablecloth with a white hemstitch overlay and bistro style napkins.) You can’t go wrong with this timeless classic look.

bistro napkins

Featuring New Waves Pattern

On another fun note, our new waves pattern was used at the Wedding & Event Experts of Tampa Bay luncheon on July 8th at Jackson’s Bistro in Tampa.

chair sashes

We also really like to with different chairs sash styles (Tina is an expert) and get really creative and step out of the box. What do you think about the below? Pretty amazing!

The warehouse crew is hard at work- tightening, painting, cleaning and sewing to make sure when season starts that all products are in the best condition at upcoming events! US Tent is very proud of the quality of the products offered, and they also take pride in taking that extra special step each and every day.

tents dryingchair paintinggreg

Last, but certainly not least, more new equipment is coming in as we speak! Check out our new floor, The Supa-Trac Portable Floor. Yea!

“The Supa-Trac Portable Flooring and Roadway System is a state-of-the-art, quick deploy panel system that features excellent turf protection and safe pedestrian as well as vehicle and equipment access.”

(One of Tina's personal favorites is the BLOCK AND ROLL equipment. Just look what it can do. This will make challenging venue issues go away, and we have it!)

Check out the details below!

“Welcome to BLOCK AND ROLL. Block and Roll Tent Ballast Solutions provides an innovative way to manage and move cement tent ballasts. In recent years the demand for ballasting or weighting tents has increased. The addition of underground utilities in many areas introduces a liability for tent installers while many facilities are concerned about staking in their parking lots. As a result, many large city properties, parks and sporting venues do not permit staking.

Our system allows for easy and safe handling of heavy cement blocks with or without a forklift. Block and Roll blocks can be stacked for increased weight and easy storage. We offer equipment to handle blocks from 350lb to 700lb without the use of a fork lift. Our weights have multiple tie off points for secure tensioning.”

strata floorblock and roll

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Enjoy your summer!

(Before Tina headed out on her own vacation to St. Croix just this past week, she wanted us to share that she said ”I hope everyone enjoys the summer months - stay cool, relax and give us a call if you would like to stop by and see some of our new toys. We would love to see you and say Hello!”)

Linens by the Sea was born out of passion, ingenuity and creative flair. Our goal is to turn important events into lifelong happy memories. We pride ourselves on attending to your individual needs, and every day we strive to make your special occasion simply unparalleled with our outstanding linens. Please Contact Us if you would like to start designing your upcoming festivity.

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