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Introducing Sailcloths!!

Steve Bruenner, an expert in all things rental at US Tent Rental, with over 25 years experience spanning from New York to Florida, introduces us to the new "kid on the block," the sailcloth tent!

Steve says, "Sailcloth tents are becoming a very popular trend lately at weddings, fundraisers and galas who are going for a different look each year, and sailcloth tents are the design they are choosing the most. Annual events held each year try to mix things up by having the event at a different venue or choosing a different style tent for their event from clear span structure tents to clear top tents to white party tents, and it seems that sailcloth tents are becoming the go to tent right now for everyone." Steve's confident in saying, "Although some are calling them a trend, we at US Tent Rental are excited to offer sailcloth tents, and we feel they are here to stay!"

sailclothtwinpeak5Here's a little background on how the Sailcloth tents are different from other white vinyl party tents or pagoda style tents. Sailcloths are made with lightweight tent top material that is a thinner cloth sometimes a thin vinyl. However, because they are cut from a thin gauge material, they need higher maintenance than a heavier gauge tent top. US Tent is dedicated to keeping its products in pristine condition. We go through many processes to make sure everything is clean and safe. For example, we know it is vital that a ground cloth be used on set-up and take down to keep the sailcloth tents clean and free of dirt and debris. If moisture is on the tent top it must be completely dried, which we do at our warehouse, before storing so mildew does not set in. Sailcloth tents have wooden legs and center poles instead of standard metal. The poles require more maintenance during shipping and handling from job to job so that they don’t get scratched or damaged. Protective sleeves are our solution to cover the wood poles during transport, set up, and take down as well as when in storage to keep them looking brand new for each event.

sailcloth size pictureAnother feature of the sailcloth tent, is that they have a rounded cut end as opposed to a typical rectangular tent or a completely square tent; this is what gives them a different look. The center poles on a sailcloth tent are various height within each tent giving the ceiling a distinct swooped look that is unlike most other typical pole tents. These poles start at eight feet in height and then graduate to a first center pole or “queen pole” then higher up to an even taller center pole or “king pole” then across the ceiling of the tent and back down to the other end. The sailcloth tent top has not only a thin layer of white or ivory material but also a ribbed ceiling for reinforcement that appears visually different than most white tent tops. Where the center poles go through the tent top the sailcloth is reinforced as well to give strength to the tent in case of strong winds or weather.sailclothtwinpeak2

Now, let's talk decor for the sailcloth tent! Steve suggests, "If the event is a tented wedding under a sailcloth tent, sometimes the bride and groom will have either monogrammed flags hanging from the top of the center poles or their family’s coat of arms. Corporate events using sailcloth tents can have either their corporate colors made into flags or their company logo hanging from the very top of the tent blowing in the breeze."

sailclothtwinpeak6To create a lovely ambiance, lighting is important. From Steve's perspective, "Lighting for a sailcloth tent is different from most other tents. It is putting more emphasis on up lighting the tent top that shows beautifully at night. Although traditional chandeliers and café style lighting are still used throughout the ceiling of a sailcloth tent you will want to add some spot lighting to shine up at the tent top that will reflect light throughout the tent at night."

On the flipside of lighting and when a sailcloth is your best option, keep in mind the time of year it is being used. Sailcloth tents do not reflect sun as much as thicker white tent tops, so the cooler months are a better time to be ordering one. Under a standard white party tent during the summer sun, it is normally 10 – 15 degrees cooler underneath the tent. Although a sailcloth tent will look beautiful at night and keep you somewhat cooler during the dog days of summer, it will certainly be a better choice than a clear top tent, which acts as a magnifying glass during the daytime hours. "Sailcloth tents are an exciting choice for any event, and we look forward to seeing more and more sailcloth tents out on the horizon for many years to come!" states Steve.

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