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Vendor Spotlight, EK Event Design & Southern Oaks

We simply love working with Brittany Eagins! We know you will, too. She is an amazing planner, business owner and all around great gal! We truly hope you enjoy our vendor spotlight on one of the area's very best.

Contact Information:

Planner & Owner's Name: Brittany Eagans


Company names: EK Event Design & Southern Oaks

Phone: 941-228-3576

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: “EK Event Design” & “Southern Oaks”

Brief Description about Brittany's Companies:

EK Event Design is a full service Event Design company which includes full service planning, coordinating, décor design, flowers, and décor rentals. All of EK Event Design’s services are on a case by case basis. Every wedding is different, and they know that needs vary, and they are here to fit into whatever role their clients might need.

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Southern Oaks is one of Sarasota’s newest venues! Majestic oaks trees and string lights set the scene on a park-like property. Southern Oaks is very much a “blank canvas” for any wedding or event. The expansive grounds allow for limitless options. Being such a gorgeous ambiance, a bride can really create anything she imagines whether it's glitz and glamour, rustic and natural, or anything in between. Southern Oaks is truly the perfect backdrop for any wedding or event.

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Why did Brittany get into the business of working on weddings and events?

We think this is fabulous! As Brittany likes to recall,

"I had my own fairy tale come true at the ripe old age of nineteen. (I know, right?!) I found myself sitting through my college courses writing out list after list, recreating timelines what seemed to be a million times, not because it needed to be done, but because I just loved it. I loved every moment of planning my own wedding. As soon as the wedding was over, I felt something missing in my life and knew it was my calling to get into the industry. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing vendors along the way and have learned a lot from them. Each new client gives me so many possibilities. I am so blessed to get the opportunity to help each one create the wedding of their dreams. It definitely fulfills my life in a way that I can’t quite express, and I wouldn’t change one moment."

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Something Brittany would like clients to know about herself and her business that they may not realize?

"Well, on a personal note, I have two amazing kids (both boys) with a third little boy due in May 2015! They are what takes up the rest of my life when I’m not doing weddings/events. I am also very proactive with my church and do events for them! On a business level, something people might not know is where the name EK Event Design comes from. The E stands for my last name Eagans, and the K stands for my business partner Jessica Kish's last name. We have been able to work together for over ten years now, and if I do say so myself, we make a pretty great team!"

Linens by the Sea and US Tent send Brittany heartfelt congratulations on the new baby to be!

What is Brittany's Best Tip?

We love, love, love this advice from Brittany!

"Hire quality vendors! The saying 'one bad apple ruins the bunch' comes to mind. One bad vendor can make a wedding harder for the rest of the vendors and the client. Take the time to find some really good people to work with and speak to vendors about each other. Some of the best weddings come from referrals, because people in the industry quickly learn who does the job well and who doesn’t. So ask for references, do a little research. These people are involved in a very important time in your life, so it’s very important to trust who you hire.

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What is a favorite trend Brittany's seeing?

"I have to say that 'out of the box' themes seem to be making a comeback, which I am so excited about. Trends are usually fleeting but one I’ve seen time and time again is the “rustic” burlap and mason jars. Now brides are really getting fun and personal with the use of color and theme. From unique color mixtures to inspiring new spins on classic styles,I love seeing something unique and different. It's what makes each wedding so special."

Brittany's favorite wedding memory:

"It’s so hard to pinpoint one certain wedding. I would say I have instead favorite moments from each wedding. Every time I see a bride walk down the aisle and meet her groom, or see the first dance with everyone so happy and the couple so in love, or when the father of the bride finally lets loose on the dance floor, I get to experience many special times that I will never forget."

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A Final Note from Brittany:

"Just have fun! The wedding planning process can be really stressful , so it's really important to remember to have fun with it all."

We couldn't agree more! Have fun and enjoy your upcoming special day!

One last unforgettable image for you to admire:

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Linens by the Sea was born out of passion, ingenuity and creative flair. Our goal is to turn important events into lifelong happy memories. We pride ourselves on attending to your individual needs, and every day we strive to make your special occasion simply unparalleled with our outstanding linens. Please Contact Us if you would like to start designing your upcoming festivity.

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