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Terms of service

Order Changes/Cancellations:

On behalf of our entire team, we sincerely thank you for selecting us for your fine linen rental needs.

Placing Your Order:

Linens by the Sea will accept your order in many different ways such as by phone, fax, or e-mail from 8:00am to 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday.

All verbal orders are considered firm. Orders should be placed weeks prior to the event date to ensure items are available. All orders placed within two weeks of the event date are subject to availability and possibly other charges (see Order Changes below).

All order changes once an order has been accepted must be communicated and accepted by both parties.

Payment Terms:

50% deposit is due at the time linens are reserved. The balance must be paid in full before delivery. Acceptable methods of payment are credit card or certified funds, i.e. cash, cashier's check or money order. Company and personal checks will be accepted only if approved credit information is on file.

Reservations must be confirmed with the final linen count prior to five business days of the scheduled delivery date.

Local Delivery or Shipping Orders:

We will deliver your order if your event takes place in our local delivery area and includes the rental of hard goods.
We will ship all other orders and most linen only orders.

In either case, we will schedule your order to arrive at your destination by your requested delivery date.
Please make sure your ship to address can accept deliveries.

If we deliver your linen order with other rental items for which we are charging a delivery fee, there will be no additional charge for the linen.

If we ship the linen separately, you pay for the rental, shipping, and a minimal per box handling fee.

We are not responsible for any delays or mishandling caused by the shipping company or for any natural causes that might prevent the timely arrival of shipments.

Shipping fees are ultimately based on total, weight, distance and transit time required. Please allow for extra cushion transit days during busy holiday seasons.

Any orders that you rent for longer than one week will result in additional rental fees.

Order Changes/Cancellations:

Changes include any additions, subtractions, color changes, or any combination thereof.
All change requests are subject to availability.

Any change made to a reservation within five (5) business days of the shipping, pick-up or delivery date will be charged a $50.00 service fee for expedited handling plus any additional shipping fees that might apply so that you receive your linens in a timely manner.

Deposits will be forfeited for any reservation cancelled within 48 hours of the pick-up or delivery date.

For any additional changes after noon on the day before delivery or shipping, there is a $35 Change Fee added to your order for each time you contact us. As well, shipping fees may be increased if this causes us to miss a normally scheduled pick-up deadline. Don't leave a message, voicemail or email as a firm order change. We must confirm the update.


If you are in our local delivery area, and our driver is picking up other rental items after the event, the linens must be ready to be picked up at the same time.

If we shipped linens to you via FedEx, we will pay for your return shipping if you use our enclosed return labels which are attached to return duffel bag(s). You will also receive a packing slip and shipping instructions.

The linens are to be returned dry, free of debris and must be counted to verify there are no missing items.


To avoid additional rental charges, bring your box(es) to a FedEx Office location or contact FedEx at 1-800-Go-FedEx (800-463-3339) or to have them picked up.

Boxes must be returned to us within three business days following the event date.

Damaged or Missing Linens, not including Solid Polyesters:

In the event rental property is not returned and/or returned in a torn, mildewed, burned, wax or excessive stained or otherwise damaged condition, the customer will be responsible for the full retail replacement cost. If repairable, the cost of repairs will be borne by the customer, whether performed by Linens by the Sea, or at our option, by others.

These charges will be added to the original rental charges and the customer agrees to pay these charges upon receipt of the replacement billing and allowed to keep same as though it were a sale.

If duffle bags or stage/skirting clips are not returned, client will be responsible for the full retail replacement cost.

Duffle Bags Replacement Costs - $20 each for black shipping bags and $5 each for purple local delivery bags.

Customer agrees that all return linen is counted and inspected by our staff and the result is considered final.

Solid polyester linens are covered with our Damage Waiver (see Rental Items covered by the U.S. Tent Rental Damage Waiver below). However, if a customer is given a linen upgrade from a Solid polyester linen and then the linen is lost or damaged, the customer will be charged the Solid polyester price for replacement.

All rental property held beyond the ship date or pick-up date indicated on the rental contract is subject to an extra rental charge. The customer agrees to pay for equipment, at its replacement cost when rented, for all types of theft or mysterious disappearance.

Sample Linen & Swatch Requests:

Samples & swatches are available upon request. Contact us for further details.

Color Variations:

Dye lots can vary due to many reasons such as when linens are purchased from multiple vendors, added at different times and when some pieces are laundered more than others. We do make every attempt to make sure the shades match as close as possible, but there is no guarantee. Note that all computer monitors are configured differently and can display colors differently. For the most accurate color reference, please request a swatch.

Linen Installation Fees:

Linen installs are available to customers in Sarasota and Tampa Bay Markets during normal business hours within a 50 mile radius.
There is a minimum order requirement and no install of chair covers and sashes fewer than 50 chairs.

  • Trip Charge $75.00 (in addition to delivery fee)
  • Standard Chair cover: $1.00 each
  • Chair Pad Cover: $.50 each
  • Sash: $1.50 each
  • Spandex Chair cover: $2.00 each
  • Spandex Table linen: $5.00 each
  • Pre-Tied bows: $1.00 each
  • Table linens: $2.00 each

For pre-tied bows, client must supply the width of the chair back in inches 10 days in advance. We cannot provide this service if the top of the chair back is wider than the center section of the chair back where the sash will be placed. No guarantee is made on the exact fit of pre-tied sashes, and they may slip or be too tight.

Limited Edition:

The term Limited Edition refers for specialty item or custom linens with a finite number of items for rent.
There is no guarantee that the quantities in stock at the time of the quote or order will be available at the time of the event.

Rental Items covered by the U.S. Tent Rental Damage Waiver
Solid polyester tablecloths, napkins and skirts
This is a 10% fee for the Solid items only.

What it does:
a. Absolves the customer of any liability for the above items that are returned damaged. If items are not returned, but have been damaged beyond repair, proof of the damaged item(s) may be reasonably requested depending on the quantity, the nature of the item, and the circumstances surrounding its damage.
b. Eliminates the need for additional invoicing for minor damages and the related agitation it causes after having spent considerable time and money establishing a wonderful relationship with a customer through the whole event process.
What it does not do:
a. It does not provide insurance against any loss.
b. It is not coverage for damage due to customer's neglect or misuse, i.e. linens bagged with food, or moisture causing permanent stains or mildew.
c. It does not waive the customer's liability for replacement cost for loss caused by neglect, abuse, vandalism, theft, mysterious, or unexplained disappearance, or shortages.

Further clarification:
a. Some flexibility will be necessary in certain circumstances. We may not always charge if an item is missing and reasonable proof of damage cannot be provided.

b. On the other hand, if a bag of linen was ruined, we will always bill for them.


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  Sarasota, FL 34243
  941-757-3523 office | 941-727-1938 fax